Detained Abroad - Femke Hofstee

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Foreign national prisoners (FNPs) are detained practically everywhere in the world and in relatively large numbers. Prison authorities are often not aware of the multiple difficulties which FNPs encounter in daily prison as a result of their foreign status, foreign language and distance from home. As a result, FNPs feel often socially excluded and are unable to exercise their rights. One of their rights is to receive consular assistance from their country of origin. In practice, only a few countries provide support to their nationals detained abroad. One of these countries is the Netherlands.

Detained Abroad

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About the book
This study provides insight into the detention experience and special needs of nearly 600 Dutch FNPs detained in 54 countries. It further measures the impact of consular assistance as received by them. The fact that consular assistance is provided by consular staff in cooperation with Dutch volunteers is unique in the world. This innovative and cost-effictive approach turns to be very powerful.

About the author
Femke Hofstee-van der Meulen is founder of Prison Watch (, an independent organisation that has been carrying out research on prison-related topics since 2003. She studied History and post-graduate International Law at Leiden University. Femke worked in the European Parliament in Brussels and at the International Centre for Prison Studies in London. She developed the foreign national prisoners picture dictionary Picture it in Prison. Since 2009 Femke has been inspector of prisons at the Dutch Inspectorate of Security and Justice.

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